Matthew 14 vs 22-33.

Fear and doubt are two of the major things that will interfere with our relationship with God if we give them the room to do so. in the scenario in Matthew 14:22-33,Jesus had just show the disciples that he was able to walk on water. This should have shown them that he was capable of doing pretty much anything. Walk on water? Take a second to really think about what that means,sometimes our mind tends to normalize these miraculous feats. Think of the lake,picture the disciples in the boat,when suddenly they spotted their leader walking on water as if He were walking on the ground. That sight is enough to send your heart right into your throat.

One can understand why they were scared. The disciples had never seen such a sight before. I’m pretty sure if you were to see one walk on water, you’d be pretty freaked out too.

Peter boldly spoke out and asked Jesus to call him out onto the waters. Jesus did and peter got out of the boat. For a while, he walked on the water too. He was walking on water the same way Jesus was walking on water! His eyes where focused on Jesus in the midst of this supernatural feat.

Things started to go wrong when he lost sight of Jesus and started to focus on the wind. fear filled his heart and his Faith left. when fear interferes with faith,it makes it hard for us to take a leap and follow the will if God. we end up focusing on the wrong things. when fear makes a home in our hearts,it becomes very hard for us to chase it out.

We need faith in order to be saved. we need faith in order to fulfill the call of God upon our lives. when we keep our eyes focused on Jesus who is the author and finisher of our Faith the journey becomes possible.

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